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Turbo Turf announces new HM-400-TE.  This 400 gallon unit combines an affordable price with a design that is ideal for a landscaper and still has the ability to spray the most difficult erosion control materials.

Turbo Turf introduces its new Brine Maker.  This powerful and affordable unit will quickly make salt brine for anti-icing applications at 1/4 the cost of buying brine ready to spray.

Turbo Turf adds the "T" series that features a low priced but powerful paddle agitated machine that will play with the most difficult materials and pump thick slurries through up to 500 feet of hose, even uphill.

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TurboSorb co-polymer gel holds 400 times its weight in water and slowly releases it. Cut watering in half


Co-Polymer Gel is a super absorbent that increases the amount of available moisture in the root zone.  Co-Polymer gel granules absorb up to 400 times their weight in water.  As the soil dries, moisture is slowly released from the hydrates granules improving growth and reducing demand for supplemental watering.  As additional moisture becomes available gel granules re-absorb thus continuing the cycle time after time.  When use as directed, co-polymer gel provides the professional landscaper with a proven water management tool.   

Co-Polymer Gel is supplied in a 10 pound pail.  The usual application rate is 10 pounds to the acre.

  • Co-Polymer Type "D"        HYDROSEEDING 10 Lbs per Acre

  •                                        Transplants  1 Lb  40/Gal water

  •                                       Seed Coat  1 Lb to 100 Lbs. of seed


10 Pound Pail     $ 47.95



Product Name
Turbo Sorb Co-Polymer Gel

Can be shipped UPS at standard UPS rates.

Item #: Turbo Sorb Pail 



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