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Turbo Turf announces new HM-400-TE.  This 400 gallon unit combines an affordable price with a design that is ideal for a landscaper and still has the ability to spray the most difficult erosion control materials.

Turbo Turf introduces its new Brine Maker.  This powerful and affordable unit will quickly make salt brine for anti-icing applications at 1/4 the cost of buying brine ready to spray.

Turbo Turf adds the "T" series that features a low priced but powerful paddle agitated machine that will play with the most difficult materials and pump thick slurries through up to 500 feet of hose, even uphill.

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Turbo Turf has a simple yet powerful design
This list is intended to help you find local sources of hydro seeding supplies.  For "our" prices on Supplies click on "Material Prices" on the menu bar at the top of each page.


(Contact them for the name of your nearest dealer)

AM-Turf,   MI  800-632-1998

Applegate, Webberville, MI,  800-627-7536 

Applegate, Cornelia Ga 888-427-7534

Applegate, Hickory, KY  888-502-7753

Applegate, Monroe LA, 800-854-1907

Applegate, Buffalo,  MN, 800-458-8363

Applegate, Chambersburg, PA 800-231-1939  

Benolec, Sainte Julie, Quebec, Canada  (WEB) 800-363-8500

Cellulose Fiber LLC, Tacoma WA 253-627-8008 E-Mail

C.D.D.  Inc.  OH, 800-433-7876  

Eco Fiber  (WEB),  BC Canada 604-521-9650

Greenstone, California  (WEB) 800-655-9754 E-Mail 

Hamilton Manufacturing,  (WEB)  ID, 208-733-9689

Nu-Wool,   (Web), MI  800-748-0128

Oklahoma Fibers, OK 580-286-4363

Phoenix Paper, IL, 815-368-3343

Pinnacle Industries,  NY, (WEB) 800-258-4633  E-Mail

Precision Fibers, Rhonda, NC 352-447-2026 E-Mail 

Pro-Tec, Cold Spring, MN 320-685-4410

Profile Products,   (WEB), 800-861-8681  (Online Store Locator)

Quality Seeds Ontario Canada   (WEB)   1-817-856-7333

Suburban,  MS, 800-231-1939

Tascon Inc, Houston Tx  (WEB) 800-937-1774

Thermoguard, MT, 800-821-5310  WA, 800-541-0549

Therm-O-Comfort, (WEB) 1-817--684--3766 (toll free) E-Mail

Thermo Kool of Alaska, (WEB) 907-376-3644



Site One Services (was Lesco) (700 stores nationwide) 470-277-7011  (Store Locator)

Ewing Irrigation,  110 stores in the west and south   800-343-9464

United Horticultural,  many locations in the North East.


Sunshine Supply, Castle AL 800-844-7547

Alaska Mill, Anchorage AK, 907-279-4519

AgronoTek, Lake Elsonor, CA 909-647-0638

Albright Seed  (WEB), (3 locations in CA) 800-423-8112

Gro-Power, Chino CA  909-393-3744

Nature Gro, Newhall, CA 800-894-4769

Pacific Coast, Livermore, CA 510-373-4417

S&S Seeds Carpinteria CA 805-684-0436

Stove Seed Co, Los Angeles, AC  800-621-0315 

Chemlen Landscape Specialists, Hamden CT 203-287-1987 (WEB) (E-Mail)

Stover Seed Co, (WEB) LA CA 800-621-0315 (E-Mail)

Soil Stabilzation,  Mercid CA 800-523-9992

Revex, Denver CO, 800-666-0450

Buckley Powder Co, Englewood CO, 303-790-7008

Winding Brook, Weathersfield, CT  800-243-0232

Athens Seed, GA, 404-633-5339

Green Seed, GA, 706-548-7333

Cisco, Indianapolis, IN 800-888-2986

Cauldhill Seed, Louisville, KY 502-583-4402

Service Sup, Shreveport, LA 318-865-9337

Ragan & Massey, South East, LA 800-264-5281

Newsome Seed, Rockville, MD 410-531-6140

Norfolk Power, Norfolk MA 978-443-1333

Ritchey & Clapper, Sudbury MA, 978-443-1333

Pro Lawn Supply, (Web)   Worchester MA 508-754-1000

Down East Turf Farms, Kennebunk ME, 800-634-0090

Winding Brook, Lyman ME, 800-243-0232

MI State Seed Solutions Grand Ledge MI  (WEB) 517-627-2164

CSI Geoturf, Highland, Traverse City and Byron Center MI  800-621-7007

Burdick Seed, Bay City MI 800-351-6760

Green Pad, Kansas City, MO 800-922-4100

Evergreen Seed llc, W. Stockton MO 417-276-3995

Agro Diversified, NJ 800-890-2426

Jonathan Green Co, NJ (WEB) 908-938-7007

Kinder Seed, NY, 716-891-8951

Evergreen Seed Co, Fuquay-Varina NC 877-900-SEED

Tri-State Distributors, Statesville NC  (WEB)  704-873-0531

Green Velvet, Dayton OH 513-848-2501

Ohio Seed, Columbus, OH, 614-879-8366

Hobbs & Hopkins, (WEB) Portland, OR 503-239-7518

Puget Sound Seed, OR 800-224-2285

Emerald Seed & Supply, Portland OR  800-826-8873

Cascade Intl, OR 503-749-1822

Agrivestment Ltd  ( WA & OR) 253-383-5014

Agro Tec, OR 800-543-4109

Turbo Technologies. Beaver Falls, PA 800-822-3437

J & R Supply, Doylestown PA 800-575-TURF

Wetzel Seed, Kittanning PA, 724-545-7181

Earth Care, Canden SC 803-424-2500

Pendalton Oil, Pendalton SC 803-646-3294

Pennington, Columbia SC, 803-771-4222

Herod Seed, Richmond, VA 800-229-SEED

Evergreen Seed Co, Rice VA, 877-804-SEED

Landscape Supply, Roanoke VA 800-876-2151

Turf Garden, Chesapeke, VA, 800-296-2041

Wetzel Seed, Harrisonburg VA 800-336-5807

Wetzel Seed, Va Beach, VA, 804-460-5623

Oliver Seed, Milton VT 800-624-2952

Evergro, Woodinville WA 425-486-6387


The manufacturers and dealers listed here are provided as a local source of hydro seeding materials.  Most are not affiliated with Turbo Technologies, our systems or our Hydro Seeding Supplies,  If you are a manufacturer or dealer of hydro seeding mulch and other supplies and want a free listing on this page, or if you want to update a listing currently on this page, please contact us by e-mail or phone.  

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